New mum gets some help

Treatment at home allows Emma to do her job as a new mum

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Saving the trip for Alex

With the deterioration of his general condition, Alex requires assistance with his daily activities.

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Associated Companies - Multiple Sclerosis Limited

Multiple Sclerosis Limited

MS Australia – ACT/NSW/VIC actively supports people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) through an extensive network of centres, branches, support groups and health services.

Through the provision of specialist programs to people with MS, their families, carers and health care professionals, the organisation works towards minimising the impact of multiple sclerosis on the individual and their community, while accelerating research to ultimately develop a cure.

As a subsidiary of Multiple Sclerosis Limited,  Australian Home Care is very proud of our association and involvement with our parent company.  Make a donation to MS Australia – ACT/NSW/VIC.